Junior Workshop Win 5 Awards

Congratulations to the cast of the Junior Workshop who entered the 53rd, Greater Manchester Drama Federation (GMDF) One Act Play Festival that was held at Hyde Festival Theatre on the 3rd-8th June 2013.

The society won 5 awards for their performance of 'The Exam' which is a play about three students of different academic abilities dealing with the pressure of life, both at home and at school. Whilst waiting in the exam hall for their papers to arrive, each student has to survive a barrage of self doubt, parental pressure and adult incompetence. They must come to terms with themselves, their peers and parents - provoked and helped by 'Ex', the mysterious, disembodied voice of the exam.

The entrance to this year's festival was also a debut for Louise Davenport who directed the play. Louise was a member of the Junior Workshop in her childhood days with the most memorable role of 'Dorothy' in 'The Wizard of Oz'.

The Awards:

Section B (for entrants upto 21 years old)

Nan Nuttall Trophy - Best Production
Bertram Holland Trophy - Best Performance. Awarded to Jordan Mayoh-Etchells who played 'Chas' 

All Sections
Vicki Lane Award - Meritorious Director - Awarded to Louise Davenport
Robert L. Goodwin Trophy - Outstanding Actor. Awarded to Adam Richardson as 'Dad'
Cliff Walker Trophy - Best Presentation

A big congratulations to all the cast and crew.



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